Spring 1

What a fantastic end to the Spring Term we had! We were all so excited about learning and celebrating the Chinese New Year. We tried Chinese food, role-played our own restaurant, wrote in Chinese and learnt how to say Happy New Year In Chinese. 

You’ve all worked so hard this half term and it has been lovely to see you all progress in all areas of your learning. 
When you come back we will begin with some traditional tales. We will huff and puff till our houses blow down! 

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Welcome back Early Years! 
We started the year with a surprise message from our school caretaker. There had been many bear prints seen over the Christmas holiday and Early Years wanted to take on the responsibility  to investigate. We all put our coats and wellies on and set out for our Bear Hunt. We found 20 bear prints, leading us to the forest. Stumble Trip, Stumble Trip! 

All of the children have dived into the learning opportunity with the story ‘Bear Hunt’. We have started to create our own story maps and are able to re-tell it using some new actions.

Christmas is here!

Early Years couldn’t wait any longer to get in the Christmas spirit! We have decorated our class tree, learnt our Christmas songs, read the Christmas story and set up Santa’s Workshop. We have created our own story map for the nativity and learnt some new story actions. Some children couldn’t wait to get busy in the creative area to make their own characters for our Nativity scene!

Reception have been busy in phonics this week and have started learning the phase 3 digraph, qu, sh and ch.  I wonder if you can see any items in your house that start with the ch sound?

This weeks tricky words are he, she, me, be and we.

We can’t wait to see you at our tea party on Friday December 7th  at 2.45pm.

This week we had an unexpected visitor in our classroom and Receptions first class trip.

On Monday morning the children found some large white foot prints and some space stories and props left on our stage. The children came  up with many ideas on who it was but the majority of the class decided it was an astronaut. They believed the white marks was the moon dust of the astronauts boots. Looking forward to learn about our new topic space!

Reception’s first school trip was a big success and all children had lots of fun! The librarians commented on our good manners and wonderful behaviour.

Reception have now started phase 3 sounds- j, v, w and x and learnt new tricky word ‘he’.


Early Years have been very busy this first week back! We have been learning about the festival Diwali! We have been making Rangol and Mehndi patterns, Diwali cards, clay diva lamps and learnt  the Rama and Sita story.

Home Learning for Autumn 2 will be sent home today. 
Please practise the tricky words learnt so far. (The, I, go, to, no)

Author Visit

We were very lucky to have the author Faustin Charles visit us at Bedmond Academy. Early Years sat beautifully while listening to the story ‘The Selfish Crocodile’.

Who's been eating porridge in our classroom?

Early Years were shocked to come into school and find 3 bowls of porridge left  in our tray. They have concluded that it is Goldilocks and The Three Bears visiting our school late at night.
We have been ordering the different size bowls, spoons and chairs. We also measured how tall we think Daddy Bear could be and used the correct vocabulary to describe different heights. (shortest and tallest) 
 We decided to make posters around school to warn others of our unexpected visitors. Please let us know if you see anything else peculiar going on this week!
In phonics we have now learnt all the sounds below.  s a t p i n g o c k e
We also enjoyed learning our first word I.